70+ years of service | 5,000+ international employees

Futaba Corporation was founded in 1948 in Japan as a manufacturer and seller of receiver vacuum tubes. Utilizing vacuum tube technology, Futaba began manufacturing vacuum fluorescent displays. In 1962, Futaba began producing radio control equipment as well as press die set components, establishing what still remains as two of the company’s primary divisions. This was followed by the development of mold base components and the more recent addition of VFD modules to complete the lineup of Futaba’s major products. Our American based branch of the company, Futaba Corporation of America (FCA), supports these same technologies and is a leading provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) including PCB Assembly to complete box build, test and engineering design. The branches of Futaba’s products include:

• Vacuum Flourescent Displays (VFD)
• VFD LCD Emulators
• Capacitive Touch Panel
• Industrial Radio Control Equipment
• VFD Module
• Organic Light-Emitting Diolde (OLED)
• Command Type TFT-LCD Module
• Mold Marshalling Equipment

Firmly embracing the principle of manufacturing each component in-house, Futaba creates everything from its own tools to its own manufacturing facilities

In 1989, our Huntsville, AL location was established. After repeated requests from our display customer base, in part due to our capabilities and quality, we saw great potential in providing an EMS solution to the market. As a result we entered into contract manufacturing in 1996 and have been successfully providing our services to many industry market sectors including automotive, industrial, commercial, medical, appliance, lighting and telecom. Besides Design Engineering, Manufacturing, Purchasing and Sales, our Huntsville, AL location is also home to Futaba USA, our Hobby Radio Control department. Futaba Corporation of America also has offices in Hoffman Estates, IL and in El Paso, TX. The Hoffman Estates, IL location handles Accounting, Customer Service and Sales of Industrial Radio Control and Machine Tool & Die products. The El Paso, TX location is a Distribution Center for other custom display products.

Futaba was founded in 1948, just after World War II, to manufacture and sell vacuum tubes. In 2018 we celebrated our 70th anniversary.
Since our founding, we have supplied components that underpin a variety of fields with trustworthy technology and quality. This is in line with our corporate philosophy of “Honshitsu-no-Chokushi” (to look deeply into the nature of things and investigate it thoroughly). Thus, through our business, we have contributed to the expansion of industry.

As technology has evolved, we have expanded our product lineup to meet the advanced demands of a wide range of fields. It now includes: Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD) and Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Displays, touch sensors, radio control equipment for industrial and hobby use). It also features, machinery and tools for dies and molds (such as mold bases, plate products and mold streamlining equipment).

In an age that continues to evolve daily, companies are required to act with a sense of urgency.

Moving forward, we plan to use the following strategy to expand our business. We will incorporate: advanced technologies like AI and IoT to strengthen manufacturing. We will exploit, global management that utilizes our worldwide network And we will focus on strengthening new product development by evolving and combining Futaba technology.

As our company orients toward the next stage of development, we will strive to create equipment, materials, and services which are indispensable as we to share our joy and passion. We appreciate your continued support.

We will pursue the nature of things in a stubbornly honest manner, and practice the following to establish a corporate culture which allow us to make a free and imaginative way of thinking while sharing joy with all of our customers and employees:

• Challenge every business opportunity with speed and eagerness.
• Endeavor to enhance one’s capabilities in order to make one’s dream come true.
• Conduct one’s life with warm cordiality, and value people-to-people relationships.
• Conduct one’s life in a law-abiding manner and with ethical sense.
• Promote love for nature and protect the future of our planet through reducing environmental load.

We understand you have a choice when it comes to choosing an EMS solutions provider. Whether your product is a proven market winner or just a design concept, Futaba is here to support you from infancy of the design through fulfillment at your customer base. We encourage a collaborative approach so all team members on both sides of the relationship are on the same page and steering the ship in the same direction.
Futaba offers the unique ability to support a variety of volume mixes and technology bases. Our Huntsville location has capacity for your growth enhanced by a global footprint for increased development and supplier selection. Once you partner with Futaba we begin the process by undergoing a review stage to show potential DFM improvements. This will carry over to our purchasing team reviewing material cost and then our production team reviewing potential increases in efficiency. We complete the cycle with an effective test procedure implementation. As a result, our value-add services create the perfect environment for the success of your product.
We want to be your long-term partner!
Quality & Compliance
Top Quality is the goal for the Futaba Huntsville factory. With this goal in mind, Futaba strives to exceed customer expectations through a robust and comprehensive quality management system which ensures continuous improvement. Real time data collection, trend analysis and weekly quality meetings support continuous improvement activities, while our global presence can help in supplier selection and development.
Our internally developed tracking system has proven to be a major reason for our successful operation. The system provides a high level of traceability tracking nearly all operations in our factory. Every unit that we produce has a small, 5mmx5mm, unique 2D barcode placed on it at the start of production that enables us to track it throughout the production process. Numerous gates are in place that prevent an assembly from proceeding if previous processes were not completed successfully.
Many of our customers rely on our system to manage their list of very important parameters that need to be assigned to assemblies, such as MAC addresses and custom serial numbers. All critical data is replicated continuously to off-site servers for added security and retained in our Tracking System for a minimum of 15 years.

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