Acronyms 21 to 30


This is our 3rd installment of “50 Acronyms Used in Electronic Contract Manufacturing”.  In this article we’ll look at the meaning of 10 more acronyms.  The start of the series can be found here.

21. ESD = Electrostatic Discharge

Electrostatic discharge is the flow of electricity between objects that are at different voltage levels.

Most of us have had experiences with ESD – for example, getting shocked when you touch a doorknob after walking across carpet on a dry winter day.  Many electrical components (especially integrated circuits) are extremely sensitive to ESD.  ESD can permanently damage electronics.  EMS companies must have very good protective measures in place so as to minimize the potential of an ESD event.

Most know that the shock one feels when shocking a doorknob on a winter day is bad for electronics, but most do not know that some electrical components are so sensitive to ESD that it is possible to damage them without even feeling “shock”. [Continue Reading]